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Anna Luo

Finance Officer

Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce
Year of Graduation: 2022
Education Provider: The University of Western Australia
Job Title: Finance Officer
Employer: The University of Western Australia
Country of Origin: China

Are there any notable experiences from your time studying you’d like to share?

As a Future Students Officer at UWA, I was able to gain a wide range of knowledge on course information, admission processes and more but most importantly, I developed great communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills which prepared me well for entering the workforce as a new graduate. Additionally, the lifelong friends I have made support me through any challenges.  

If you could tell your graduate self one piece of career advice what would it be and why?

Take any opportunity you can – every small thing counts; you never know where life will take you.

Every opportunity is a chance to show your ability, even if it is volunteer work. This will provide you a base to build on. Like building a house, without strong foundations, a house cannot be built. So, seize every opportunity you can and prove yourself!

Tell us about your experience since leaving UWA how has your career progressed to date? Any professional achievements you’d like to share? 

I say this proudly – I have not left UWA just yet! As mentioned earlier, I was working at UWA while I was still studying here. Then I progressed to Central Finance soon after I graduated, but still working within UWA.

What are some of your passions and interests?

I love travelling. While studying in Perth, I have had the opportunity to see a lot of what WA has to offer. Swimming with the whale sharks in Exmouth was the highlight. Kayaking to Penguin Island in the ocean was also a lot of fun. But also, we can’t forget everyone’s friend the quokka on Rottnest Island.

What are the top 3 skills you need in your role as a Finance Officer?

Attention to detail, communication skills and problem-solving under time pressure.

What was your main reason(s) to select Perth as your study destination?

I fell in love with Perth – more specifically UWA – at first sight when I was on a school tour visiting here during high school. Although another main reason that I finally decided to come is the time zone. There isn’t any time difference between Perth and China, so it is convenient for me to stay in touch with my family. It was a very important factor to me at the time as I was underage.

Additionally, UWA is one of the Group of Eight universities and is ranked top 100 around the world. I believed that there would be many extracurricular activities as a student, and I was right. I was involved with multiple student clubs and received assistance on my CV and cover letters.

What have you enjoyed the most about living and studying in Perth?

The people. Everyone is just so friendly; I feel genuinely happy every day. I also enjoyed my time studying at UWA because we had a very flexible structure – I could combine Finance and German into one degree.

What would you say to students thinking of coming to Perth to study?

If you are not sure if Perth is the destination to study, come for a visit. I guarantee you – you will not want to leave. Several universities and TAFEs cover a wide range of courses. Doesn’t matter if you are into academic learning, or practical learning, there will be a course suitable for you.


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