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Xudong Ying

Country of Origin : China

Institution: University of Western Australia 
Program: Master of Information Technology 
About Me: 
Hello, I'm Xudong Ying, but you can call me Sheldon. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Information Technology at the University of Western Australia. A former architect turned tech enthusiast, I ventured into the tech world in 2022 through self-learning and returned to Perth to deepen my expertise. My interests include photography, Sim Racing, tennis, and various outdoor activities. And I also enjoy making new friends. 
Why I Chose WA: 
My connection with WA started in 2016 when I visited as an exchange student. The laid-back lifestyle and stunning beaches made a lasting impression on me, drawing me back to this vibrant city to further my studies. 
Top 3 Aspects I Love about WA: 

1. The relaxed lifestyle paired with affordable living expenses. 
2. The breathtaking beaches and the adorable quokka. 
3. The reputable universities and the diverse cultural scene. 
Career Aspirations: 
Armed with a Master of Information Technology, my goal is to tackle real-world challenges in projects that bring positive changes. I am dedicated to refining my skills and knowledge to become a dependable software developer.