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Viet Ha Dinh

Country of Origin : Vietnam

Institution: Canning College 

Program: Year 10  

About Me:  

Hi, I'm Ha Dinh, a dedicated Year 10 student at Canning College. Originally from vibrant Vietnam, I'm passionate about my studies and enjoy connecting with others through social activities. In my free time, I love reading, listening to music, and volunteering. I'm driven by a desire to excel academically and positively impact my community. 

Why I Chose WA:  

I chose Western Australia (WA) for its exceptional educational opportunities and unique blend of natural beauty and modern city living. WA's renowned institutions offer the quality education I seek. The welcoming and multicultural environment allows me to engage with diverse perspectives, while Perth's safety and access to outdoor activities make it an ideal location for personal and academic growth. Studying in Perth enriches my academic journey and fosters my personal and social development beyond the classroom. 

Top 3 aspects I love about WA:  

  1. The magnificent beaches and their natural beauty.  
  2. The friendly multicultural community.  
  3. The peace Perth brings to me makes me live a healthier and more productive life.  

Career Aspirations:  

In the future, I aim to become either a doctor or a pharmacist, motivated by my passion for healthcare services and the desire to positively impact people's lives. I am optimistic that my university journey will prepare me to fulfil my career aspirations and make meaningful contributions to the healthcare field.