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Denver Juan Dias

Country of Origin: India 

Institution/University: TAFE International Western Australia  

Program/Field of Study: Diploma in Hospitality  

About Me:  

I hail from Mumbai, and my family roots can be traced back to Goa, India. Baking is my go-to hobby, serving as a stress reliever whenever needed. Apart from that, I enjoy indulging in a good mystery show or movie; if not, I cherish spending time with friends. 

Why I Chose WA 

My connection with WA began when I visited the city at the age of 12. Something about it felt like home, and ever since then, I've known that I wanted to call this beautiful city my home someday.

Top 3 Aspects I Love About WA 

  1. Peaceful nature escapes in the city. 
  2. Friendly and inclusive community. 
  3. Excellent work-life balance. 

Career Aspirations 

It has always been my dream to own a restaurant. I chose Australia because it is globally renowned for its hospitality industry. As an individual, Australia offers me the opportunity to explore diverse cultures within its hospitality industry, providing a strong foundation for my career as a hospitality professional in the long run.