Abu Hanif Faisal

International Student Ambassador

Home Country – Chittagong, Bangladesh

Institution – Edith Cowan University

Course – Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

During my search for a university and the perfect city, I stumbled upon Perth, a city in perfect harmony with its surroundings. My journey over the years has been adventurous, the first being my arrival in Perth a few hours before I commenced my semester back in July 2019.

One question that I get frequently is why I chose to study civil engineering. Given its essential requirement in shaping our society and the future, the answer is a simple one. However, the passion for building, whether it be building relationships or structures, is what drives me.

I aspire to lead my civil consultancy firm after my graduation, which will focus on delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly service to clients. Apart from that, I want to provide opportunities for the disadvantaged and underprivileged people in society.