Higher Education

Western Australia is home to world class universities and higher education colleges.

A university degree from Perth is a qualification from an internationally respected centre of learning.

The university year starts in late February and ends in mid-November. The academic year is divided into two semesters, although some institutions use a trimester system or offer summer school courses from December to February.

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Every university and college in Perth offers:

  • A wealth of academic resources
  • World-leading science and research facilities
  • A dynamic and stimulating learning environment
  • Internationally-renowned academic staff
  • Student support, guidance and career counselling
  • Modern recreational facilities
  • Religious facilities such as prayer rooms.

Undergraduate qualifications prepare you for a professional career and postgraduate study. You will be required to have an Australian secondary school Certificate of Education (Year 12) or its overseas equivalent; or a Vocational Education and Training Diploma, or Advanced Diploma.

Undergraduate qualifications include:

  • A Bachelor Degree
  • A Bachelor Degree (Honours).

Postgraduate study in Australia for international students and local students is designed for specific career purposes, and requires you to have completed an undergraduate qualification before enrolling. Qualifications include:

  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma
  • A Master Degree in Australia for international students and local students
  • A Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Australia for international students and local students)
  • A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Australia for international students and local students).

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