International Student Ambassadors

StudyPerth is proud to be working with 10 International Student Ambassadors who will share their experience of living and studying in Perth and promote the benefits that international education brings to WA.

As part of their personal and professional development, the Ambassadors are offered training and development with the Australian Institute of Management WA and Chatterbox Public Speaking to enhance their leadership and skills in public speaking and social media.

StudyPerth is currently reviewing applicants for the 2020/21 International Student Ambassadors, who will be announced in August 2020. 

“Being an Ambassador totally changed my life. The decision to apply for a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador was the best decision and will be the best in my whole life.

Everyone at StudyPerth is my family.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say this is the best opportunity of my life and that if given the chance to be with StudyPerth even after my tenure as an Ambassador, I would with my whole heart be very welcome to help and be a part of everything.”

Abhijith Harikumar, India

Meet The Ambassadors

“This program has led to many other opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible for me. It challenged me in many ways but after the experiences I went through, I have been able to develop professionally. Last but not least, the friendship I gained through this program (both with the ambassadors and the StudyPerth team) is the most special of all. We may have come from different backgrounds and started off as strangers but that quickly turned into family.”

Shuhui Yong, Malaysia

Meet The Ambassadors

“Being a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador is really a great experience and will certainly be remembered. One of the great memories being an Ambassador is participating in workshops where you can see everyone is really eager to learn and develop their skills.”

Leo Manuel Cadete, Phillippines

Meet The Ambassadors

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