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StudyPerth is committed to supporting and promoting positive wellbeing for international students through the introduction of these new FREE support services. From Monday 18 October 2021, all support services can be accessed either online using the link below or in person at our Student Hub.

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Wellbeing Support

StudyPerth is committed to supporting you and your mental health to help you succeed in your studies and other areas of your life.

We have partnered with Multicultural Services Centre of WA to create a safe space to offer our new FREE wellbeing support service, located in our Student Hub in the Perth CBD. We will connect you with the right information, referrals and practical support and you can be confident all matters will remain confidential.

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If you feel like your life is being impacted by intrapersonal or interpersonal issues, qualified social workers and case managers may be able to help answer any of the questions you may have about mental health and overall wellbeing, and refer you to clinical providers where relevant. We can assist with situations related to:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Traumatic events (recent or those in the past)
  • Problematic use of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Sexuality
  • Pre-existing mental health concerns
  • Other circumstances which may be distressing or bothering you

In our completely confidential service, you will:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Receive competent, professional and ethical service that is culturally and linguistically appropriate
  • Be able to discuss your options available
  • Receive a clear explanation of the service you are provided
  • Be able to discuss and review treatment goals at any time

ProsPER & Career Support

Be empowered to advance your career journey, achieve your career goals and unleash your full potential through ProsPER.

This FREE, comprehensive employability portal is packed with interactive tools, valuable e-learning courses, career assessments and the latest job opportunities, all designed to get you job ready and navigating today's job market with confidence. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for career development.

Explore the My Career, My Tools and My Learning tabs above to see how ProsPER can benefit you.

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The My Career section of ProsPER is designed to help you discover more about your employability and connect you with resources to let you succeed in the workforce.

  • Take Career Pulse to assess where you are in your career journey, and then let us recommend the best resources and tools to get you moving onto the next step.
  • Use our Employability Programme to move through all eight steps to transform your career. Each step of the programme will have you understanding, developing and harnessing a different set of employability skills and attributes.
  • Whether you are beginning your career, have many years of experience or are unsure of your career direction, try our Career Assessments section! Reflect on your motivations, preferences, values and working style, which can all be useful when considering your current job and desired career path.

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ProsPER’s My Tools section offers resources to refine your job application. We’ll help you build and edit your resume or CV, practise your interviewing skills and succeed in an assessment centre.

  • Use CV Builder and CV360 to build an Australian-approved resume and have it reviewed. We’ll check your resume against more than 50 checks that can commonly trip up an applicant tracking system, annoy a hiring manager or get your resume deprioritised. You get instant and detailed feedback so you can optimise your resume and significantly boost your chances of landing an interview.
  • Similarly, our Interview360 tool will have you nailing the interview process. Employers are increasingly using video interviews as part of their recruitment process. Whether you’re attending an interview online or in person, you need to practise. Interview360 includes a large and comprehensive library of the most asked interview questions, along with key points to get you answering every one of them with confidence.
  • Finally, use our Assessment Centre Tool to understand everything you need to know about the assessment centres run by some of the biggest companies in Australia. Find out about individual hiring processes, the activities you may be assessed on, what the employers look for and how to stand out.

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The My Learning section of ProsPER gives you free access to hundreds of short courses, all at your fingertips. Discover and develop new career and business skills with expert advice, demo videos, interactive e-learning courses, tips and articles. Use the navigation on the left to guide you through your career learning journey, search using the box above or browse resources on the e-learning hub.

You will find courses on:

  • Business skills
  • Career skills
  • Industry reports
  • IT skills
  • Employer advice

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We’ve partnered with Multicultural Services Centre of WA to provide FREE face-to-face career support services in our Student Hub, situated in the heart of Perth.

Qualified career advisors are able to answer any questions you may have about your career journey including:

  • Career guidance and developing realistic and achievable short-term and/or long-term career action plans
  • Finding work or volunteer opportunities to gain experience
  • Assistance with obtaining apprenticeships and/or traineeships
  • Developing resumes and applications
  • Guidance on effective job search methods
  • Interview skills and tips
  • Advice about the current and future job market

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Legal Advice

To help international students understand their legal rights, StudyPerth provides FREE multilingual and confidential legal advisory services via My Legal Mate.

My Legal Mate provides answers to commonly asked questions about laws in Australia, as well as on-the-go legal information about any legal matter related to:

  • Employment and workplace rights
  • Private disputes and sexual assault
  • Education provider disputes
  • Housing/tenancy issues

Through My Legal Mate, you can take part in brief interactive quizzes to better define your legal problem through a series of Yes/No answers. This creates personalised pathways that walk you through legal and non-legal remedies, along with links to helpful resources.

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We will also be offering FREE in-person legal advice, delivered by Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre at our centrally located Student Hub in the Perth CBD.

Our in-person lawyer will be able to discuss your options and the next steps should you wish to take your legal matter further.

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