In collaboration with State, Federal and Local Governments, educational institutions and stakeholders, StudyPerth takes the lead in building the profile of international education in Western Australia and abroad. Our member organisations include the Perth’s first-class state universities, plus a large number of technical institutions and pathway colleges, primary and secondary schools, and English colleges - in both the public and private sectors.

The StudyPerth Action Plan 2019-2025 has outlined 15 key initiatives and outcomes that will drive StudyPerth’s direction for the next six years, and is the basis for StudyPerth’s aspiration to increase the number of international students in Perth to 100,000 by 2025. Separated into the three strategic pillars of live, learn and launch, as identified in the State Government’s International Education Strategy, StudyPerth has committed to providing an environment that nurtures, supports and encourages international students in Perth in learning, social and professional settings by providing leadership and linkages between students, business and the wider community.

StudyPerth Action Plan Initiatives

1. Establish an International Student Centre in the CBD, offering support and advice to international students, and facilitating social, cultural and professionals engagement programs.

From February 2020, an International Student Centre will be fully funded and operational.

2. Deliver a series of events and activities to assist international students in their study journey, participating in community life and search for employment.

By July 2019, the International Education Event Series for 2019-20 will be established.

3. Maintain and continually promote a sense of community and social support for international students through a series of engagements and communications channels.

By July 2019, an International Student Ambassador program for 2019-20 will be established. By July 2019, a redevelopment website with rich student content, reflecting the themes of Live-Learn-Launch, will be live.

4. Celebrate and acknowledge international students through regular official events, receptions and awards in conjunction with WA State Government, industry and City of Perth.

Manage an official Governor's Welcome Event for February 2019. By July 2019, a schedule of other events for 2019-20 will be devised.

5. Collaborate with Tourism WA, tourism operators and other stakeholders to develop a joint strategy, promoting Perth globally as a first-choice destination for international students, their visiting friends and relatives.

By January 2020, a Welcome Season package of offers and incentives for visiting friends and relatives will be established and promoted. 

6. Establish partnerships to deliver to international students in banking, tourism, telecommunications and professional development.

By December 2019, an exclusive partnership with one provider in each industry will be established.

7. Undertake initiatives to increase the reach of the Airport Welcome Desk and provide useful, relevant information, advice and merchandise consistent with the needs of international students.

By August 2025, the Welcome Desk will be the first point of contact for at least 75 per cent of new communications, each calendar year.

1. Establish a digital marketing campaign "Destination Perth", promoting Perth as a first-choice study destination in priority regions.

From January 2019, as funding permits, plan, procure and manage digital marketing campaigns for each priority region.

2. Establish and maintain relationships with education agents in priority regions by creating and maintaining a comprehensive database, publishing a regular agent newsletter.

From January 2019, a comprehensive database of education agents will be established and maintained. From January 2019, a regular agent newsletter will be produced.

3. Establish and support a Regional Advisory Panel (RAP) for each priority region to plan joint activities, agent events and campaigns, such as inbounds, outbounds and digital activities.

By July 2019, RAPs for identified priority regions will be established.

4. Keep members and other stakeholders engaged and informed through a regular newsletter identifying activities, events and opportunities. 

From January 2019, a regular stakeholder newsletter will be produced.

5. Develop and review the online Resources Area with useful collateral, imagery, videos, research, publications, InfoGrabs and data - for use by member institutions and their agents, as well as WA Trade and Tourism Offices and other stakeholders.

From January 2019, all information in the Resources Area will be reviewed, renewed and refreshed regularly.

6. Develop and maintain a media strategy to promote international education to the WA community, building a narrative, seeking out positive news stories and emphasising benefits of international education to the WA community and economy.

From February 2019, international education will form the basis of a positive news story distributed at least monthly.

1. Establish an integrated portfolio of employability projects that augment and complement the services provided by members and address the specific needs of international students.

By March 2019, StudyPerth will conduct a RFP process to identify priority projects and appropriate funding models and will commence implementation by July 2019.

2. Establish a database of "StudyPerth" Alumni locally and overseas that StudyPerth can mobilise for mentoring, internships and marketing opportunities.

By June 2020, a database of WA alumni and a WA Alumni Engagement Strategy will be established and maintained.