StudyPerth ProsPER is a free online portal that equips international students with the skills, experiences, networks, and knowledge needed to excel in their professional and personal lives in Perth.

From getting job-ready, to tips on exploring Perth, StudyPerth ProsPER provides every international student the opportunity to collect free information and experiences to create a unique portfolio that makes them stand out from other students.




Check out some of the activities that will help you on your learning journey.

Internship Preparation Program

The Internship Preparation Program provides international students with the skills required in researching for, applying for and completing an internship in the Australian workplace.

Whether you are looking for work while you are completing your studies, an internship, or hoping to secure your first graduate position, the Internship Preparation Program is carefully designed to help you secure employment.

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Job Readiness Program

Are you a soon-to-be graduate looking to gain a competitive edge in your future job applications?

The Job Readiness Program provides online activities where international students can gain career and employment skills that will help them to stand out from their competitors when applying for work.

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Buddy Program

The Buddy Program assists future students who haven't yet arrived in Perth with the experience of transitioning to a life in Perth. 

The Buddy Program matches future students with an international student already studying in Perth so you can hit the ground running.

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StudyPerth E-Portfolio

The StudyPerth E-portfolio is a tool that helps you identify and present evidence of your experience gaining global skills. 

Once you have collected all of your evidence, you will be provided with a digital portfolio of skills to present to future employers.

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