Western Australia is ready, willing and able

Offering a world-class education in a world-class city, Perth is ready and has the capacity and appetite for growth across all sectors.

As the friendliest city in Australia, and one of the most diverse, Perth has always offered a warm welcome and we are looking forward to opening the doors to more international students.

A new designation means that Perth can now offer additional attractions to international students and additional opportunities for them to prosper after they complete their studies.

See below for what international students who graduate from a Western Australian university will be eligible for.

Access to an additional year in Australia on a post-study work visa from 2021

For Perth students, the post-study work visa for a bachelor’s degree increases from two to three years and from four to five years for a doctoral degree.

International students who graduate from a campus outside of Perth in regional Western Australia, may be eligible for two extra years on a bachelor’s degree, so from two to four years, and for a doctoral degree, four to six years.

Temporary Graduate Visa

Improved access to migration visas

The Department of Home Affairs have indicated Perth students may apply for one of the two new skilled regional provisional visas for skilled migrants who want to live and work in areas outside the three over-crowded cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Regional Visas

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Students

From December 2019, the requirements under the Graduate Stream of the State Nomination Migration Program (SNMP) will be extended to include VET graduates (Certificate III and above); and ELICOS graduates.

Graduates who have completed at least two years study in WA at one or more WA education providers studying ELICOS, VET at a registered training organisation or a higher education provider will have the opportunity to be considered under the Graduate Stream.   

Other changes to the SNMP Graduate Stream program are a reduction in the work experience and job offer requirements. Graduates will need to either demonstrate six months of work experience or a six month employment contract, but not both. Currently international students need to have 12 months of work experiences plus a job offer for 12 months.

A new Graduate Occupation List and updated eligibility criteria for the Graduate stream will be published on the Migration portal prior to the December invitation round.

For information on the current Graduate Stream of the State Nomination Migration Scheme requirements visit the State nomination requirements page.