Internships & Work Experience

Internships or work experience are a great way to combine study and work, giving you valuable experience and something to achieve while you study or during semester break.

Perth offers a range of internships and work experience options in many different industries, which can provide you with a practical link between your study program and the working world.

We have put together some important information to help you discover working in Perth.

Many degrees at Perth’s universities require you to enrol in an internship, practical placement or vocational training as part of your course. You should first find out whether the course you are studying requires you to do an internship. Universities have teams to help you find relevant internships and practical placements, so visit Student Administration for more information about what’s available.

If your course does not require you to do an internship or work experience, that should not stop you from researching and finding one that works for you.

Many online job-search sites advertise internship programs, or you can visit Grad Australia to search for internship programs in Perth.

If you are in a creative industry, you might like to attend an event with Guerrilla Establishment, a not-for-profit organisation providing ongoing education, support and personal development to Perth students, graduates and industry members. 

Internships and work experience are often unpaid working arrangements, meaning you are expected to experience the work involved as your primary benefit.

Before you commence this sort of work, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the role involves, and your rights as an intern or as a volunteer on work experience. If you find yourself doing work that contributes to the ordinary operation of the business, then it may actually be a job – which means you should receive the same benefits as an employee, such as pay and other leave entitlements. You can find out more about your work rights as an unpaid worker here.

iPREP Biodesign is a unique collaboration between the five WA universities and has been established for PhD candidates who would like industry experience. The 7 week paid industry placement sees multidisciplinary teams of PhD students work together to solve problems and discover innovative new practices for industry partners. Participants receive weekly mentorship and professional development in the Biodesign methodology.

iPREP Biodesign is helping PhD graduates to recognise that skills they developed in the PhD, such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills, are applicable across a range of disciplines, providing them with the confidence and experience to apply for jobs outside of academia. PhD students are invited to express their interest via the website.