StudyPerth Crisis Relief

In response to the challenges COVID-19 has brought to the international student community in Western Australia, StudyPerth has established StudyPerth Crisis Relief (SPCR). SPCR is a program designed to address the acute needs of international students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

SPCR is accessible by application from international students in Western Australia who are in immediate, emergency need of food or shelter.

If you would like support in finding paid employment, please visit our International Student Jobs Board.

The details

Applications are only assessed at the last stage of the SPCR protocol, when all other avenues of support have been considered – this means applicants will be referred to their education institution, and/or the relevant consulate, business council or association to discuss additional support before their application is considered. Once an applicant has completed all stages of the protocol, they are eligible to apply for SPCR.

For eligible students whose applications are approved for SPCR, StudyPerth will provide Coles or Woolworths vouchers and/or directly pay two weeks’ rent. If students still require additional support after they have received assistance from StudyPerth, they are welcome to apply for SPCR again. 

Applications for SPCR are considered on an individual basis, and are only for residents of Western Australia (e.g. student must be renting accommodation in WA).

Apply for Crisis Relief

Are you a current or recently graduated international student in Western Australia who is in immediate, emergency need of food or shelter?

If yes, you may be eligible for support through SPCR. Before reaching out to StudyPerth, you must advise your education provider of your situation and enquire about support they may have available to students. We will not be able to provide assistance to you until this information is confirmed with us.

If your education provider confirms they are not able to provide the assistance you require, please let us know and we will guide you through the next steps in the protocol (below). Where appropriate, we will refer you to our network of consulates, business councils and associations to find the support you need. If after exploring all these options, you still need help, we will advise you to apply for SPCR.

To lodge an application, please read the Application Instructions, and then complete this Application Form. Email your completed application and required documentation to

Application Form


Students in distress should contact their education provider in the first instance.  

StudyPerth has a form for students to seek help and advice if the student is unsure if they should submit an application.



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