Ways To Get Around Perth

23 April 2020

In our last blog about getting around Perth, we focused on the Transperth public transport system, which encompasses buses, trains, the CAT Bus service, and ferries.

In addition to these fantastic services, Perth also offers ride-sharing options and taxis, and encourages people to enjoy the city via bicycle.

Check out some good options below!


Metered taxis, such as the Swan Taxi service or Black & White taxi service, operate throughout Perth. You can book a taxi by phone, online, with an app from your smartphone or by waiting at taxi ranks located at transport terminals, main hotels and shopping centres. You can also hail taxis on the street.

Flagfall amounts are applied for taxi services, which change depending on the time of day, day of the week, and number of passengers. Similarly, distance rates vary depending on these factors.

Call out fees are also applied to all booked taxis, but are not applied to taxis hailed from the street or taken from a taxi rank.  

Ride-share services

Uber, undoubtedly the most popular ride-sharing option is fully operational in Perth. Whether you want to head to the airport, the city or around Perth, you can connect with an Uber driver through the Uber app. A driver will pick you up from an agreed location and will take you where you need to go. Payment is completed through a credit card on the app.

Perth is also home to many other ride-share services including:

All services have their own fees, terms and conditions. Visit their respective websites for more detailed information.


With Perth’s sunny climate and level terrain, cycling is a great way to travel around the city. You can bring your own bike or buy or hire one when you arrive.

Perth has an excellent and expanding network of on-road and off-road cycle paths. The number of designated bicycle lanes around Perth is continually growing, plus there are also several ‘bicycle boulevards’ which give priority to cyclists over cars.

If you don’t have a bicycle or don’t want to buy one, you can use bicycle ‘vending machines’ and hire one from Spinway or Urbi. Visit their websites for detailed service and fee information.

Download cycle maps and guides from the Department of Transport website. This site also provides details on cycling events, news, stories and other topics about bike-riding throughout the city.

Bicycle safety and laws

Be safe! Stick to the designated bicycle lanes and obey all relevant road rules when out on your bicycle.

Please also note that it is a legal requirement in Australia that all cyclists wear helmets, and that you must have a light on your bicycle is you are riding at night.

Have you recently used a bicycle ‘vending machine’ service? We’d love to see your photos! Tag us on social media (@studyperth).

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