Top 10 Reasons Why Western Australia Is Like No Other

06 January 2022

As you may know, Western Australia is welcoming international students back to our beautiful State from 5 February 2022!

In line with the Western Australia Government's recently announced Like No Other campaign, we asked some of the wonderful students in our Events Committee and International Student Ambassador Program why they think Western Australia is like no other:

  1. "What I find the most unique about Perth or Western Australia, in general, is how easy it is to be one with nature. There are many places within a drive of the city where one can step back from their busy schedule and breathe." – Angeli Plaza
  2. "I love the multicultural environment of Perth where you get to make connections with people from various backgrounds and learn about their culture!" – Vishwa Patel
  3. "Studying with other students from diverse cultural backgrounds is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The course structures prepare you for real-life work experiences and not just to obtain a qualification." – Kayla Eachells
  4. "The fact that you can get quality education in a land of untouched beauty." – Joey Gemmy
  5. "The sunny weather and multiculturalism are the most unique things to me when studying in Perth." – Jian Zhao
  6. "Despite being the most isolated city in the world, it amazes me how Perth boasts people from 200 different nationalities. As an international student, this provides a very unique experience of getting to know different cultures and people from varying backgrounds." – Abu Hanif Faisal
  7. "Perth – a quiet place with amazing views. There is lots of riverside green space with paved paths, suitable for morning joggers and weekend picnics." – Polly Ting
  8. "The most unique thing I find interesting is whether you're a waking up in the morning person or an afternoon person, sunrises and sunsets are amazing." – Shrudeep Suresh
  9. "Myself and 42 international students from diverse backgrounds were given a rare opportunity to explore the job opportunities offered by multiple industries across Perth and the South West region. We learned new perspectives on career opportunities and how being open-minded can lead to many amazing opportunities... Definitely eye-opening for me!" – Shu Hui Yong

  10. "I love how relationship-driven this state is. Everyone's constantly looking out for each other. I've been in Western Australia for almost two years and I truly believe that there's something for everybody here. I think it's safe to say I have fallen in love with WA. Be it the beautiful beaches, parks, world-class education or the countless job opportunities, there's something for everybody here." – Chandini Thirumalai

We can't wait to welcome international students from 5 February 2022!

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