The 4 P’s of Perth

02 December 2020

Perth is a thriving city that offers infinite opportunities, a diverse lifestyle, and an abundance of educational and extra-curricular experience. While it is the most isolated metropolis in the world, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do here – it’s actually the complete opposite! Perth and Western Australia have so much to offer to international students like you and me, and I will show you why.

People – The most important part of the city. Perth has a very diverse community that enables international students to embrace the local culture and enjoy new experiences such as international cuisine and festivities like Chinese New Year, Diwali, Latin salsa, Brazilian samba and much more. When you start your studies in Perth, you will find yourself in an amazing multicultural environment with people from all over the world.

Places – Regardless of whether you prefer outdoor or indoor activities, Perth is the place to be. From surfing at gorgeous beaches, skydiving, hiking in the hills, wakeboarding or playing soccer, to going to the movies, visiting cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, nightclubs, or participating in activities like bowling, Perth offers you any experience you can think of.

Parity – Perth has strong commitment to equality, equity and respect regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality or sexual preference. The Government of Western Australia has created a commission to address cultural issues, and think of new ways to get the community together.

Protagonism – This city offers you an opportunity to build your future. As an international student it is easy to practice English and enhance your skills, find a job and build your own journey within Australia.

In my opinion, these four attributes make Perth a most special city for international students. If you are looking for a place to call home away from home, you can find it in Perth! So, what you waiting for?


Written by International Student Ambassador Luis Fonseca.