StudyPerth’s inaugural Ambassadors reflect on their experiences

02 December 2020

Throughout 2019-2020, StudyPerth had the pleasure of working closely with the 10 exceptional students who were selected as our inaugural group of International Student Ambassadors.

From day one, the Ambassadors - Abhijith, Chiedza, Chuxiong (Harry), Emmanuel, Hasta, Hiromi, Leo Manuel, Natalia, ShuHui and William - displayed enormous enthusiasm, an exceptional work ethic and outstanding integrity when working as representatives of the WA international education sector and StudyPerth itself.

In this, their final blog, StudyPerth asked each Ambassador to reflect on their favourite moments of the program, outline their key achievements, and share their plans for the future.


What was your favourite thing about the International Student Ambassador program?

  • ShuHui: “One of the most valuable things I have gained from the program was meeting other students and people who inspired, motivated and pushed me out of my comfort zone (but in a good way). I really enjoyed going to new places while attending events and trying out new things like fishing, being a part of promotional videos, and being a webinar speaker.”
  • Hasta: “I would say all the training we received along the way. The workshops taught me how to excel both as an Ambassador, and also as an international student. When I compare ‘present me’ with who I was before the program, I can see I have strongly developed my communication, presentation and networking skills. Throughout the program, we participated in Creative Writing, Social Media, Storytelling, and Networking workshops, plus and two different sets of Public Speaking training. Collectively, the training helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, the most common mistakes people make, and the ways to overcome them. Today, I am more confident initiating conversations, asking questions, creating engaging social media posts, and using all these skills to develop professionally and personally. I am also more skilled in sharing my story.”
  • Harry: “The program gave me an opportunity to share my experiences and personal story in Australia, as well as make new friends.”


What were the key things you achieved from the program?

  • Emmanuel: “There were so many! Having the opportunity to speak at a CISWA seminar, and also to the African community on behalf of Murdoch University during Africa Week; learning more about organisations in my field of study; meeting the Pro Vice Chancellor of Murdoch University and being offered the opportunity to travel to India to represent the institution at an international workshop; and, of course, I have gained important soft skills like story-telling.”
  • Chiedza: “Being able to conquer my fear of public speaking, and making many connections that have helped - and are still helping – me in my career. Also, making new friends, being around people who appreciate who you are, and enjoying the many opportunities that have come to me as a result of being involved in the program.”
  • Leo: “The key things I have achieved are: increased confidence in both my personal and professional life, the connections and friendships I have made, and the skills I have learned that have translated into great experiences.”
  • Hiromi: “To build and expand connections for my future career.”


What are your plans for the future?

  • William: “Promoting financial inclusion and digital financial literacy in Indonesia through my role as the Director of Marketing, Communication, and Community Development in the Indonesia Financial Technology Association. Also, motivating more students and the younger generation in Indonesia to have courage in pursuing their dreams by establishing a social enterprise.”
  • Natalia: “Working towards my main goal of getting a paid position in the apprenticeship I am currently undertaking in the events sector.”
  • Abhijith: “My ultimate plan was to do postgraduate research, but now I am very eager to take up a graduate position, working as a Contaminated Sites Consultant for any Environmental Consulting Company in Australia, preferably in Western Australia. I would also like to still be actively involved with StudyPerth, and help prospective students understand what WA has to offer. Once an Ambassador, always an Ambassador!”


StudyPerth is immensely proud of what the Ambassadors have achieved during their tenure, and wishes them the very best with what lies ahead.