StudyPerth Busselton Day Tour

01 September 2021

Western Australia is known for its remarkable wonders and landmarks, and Perth itself has its advantage point – where one can travel both up north and down south and within a couple of hours, you will find yourself in a totally different and yet a vibrant environment. That is one of the beauties of living in such an incredible city. Our Busselton Day Tour with StudyPerth proved to be nothing less.

Like all other StudyPerth’s amazing events, the Busselton event also got booked out within a couple of days, and more than 70 international students from all around the world gathered at the StudyPerth’s Student Hub early morning to register and take their white or blue wristbands, which would decide which bus they were going to hop on for this wonderful trip.

We started our journey around 8:00am, and from the very beginning, we could feel the diverse cultural presence that all the international students brought on board. While many were concentrating on the guided bus tour, many chose to make new friends.

Busselton is a 2.5 hour drive from the Perth CBD, and it crosses beautiful places like Harvey, Australind, and Bunbury to name a few. To add more to the blissful journey, the road’s shoulders were blooming with colourful wildflowers as we were soon to enter the spring season.

@jianzhao2018 / @anupa_98

Our first stop was at the Busselton Jetty, and as mentioned earlier students were divided into two groups: white and blue. This was done to make the tour more efficient and both groups had International Student Ambassadors and amazing staff members helping. While one group waited to hop on the train, the other group went to have their lunch. I was in the white group.

We made our way to the Busselton Jetty, which boasts a history of more than 150 years. We hopped onto the train to travel 1.7km across the calm Geographe Bay to the end of the jetty. The jetty train itself is an example of environmental sustainability as it is powered by solar panels, and on our guided ride we learned that thousands of plastics were recycled to make the seats.

Once we arrived, we made our way to explore the Underwater Observatory, one of the only six underwater observatories in the entire world. We were greeted by one of the wonderful guides. We witnessed how this jetty created a reef system, critical to the marine life there. It was truly something new and different and most of us were in awe as we encountered schools of fishes in their natural habitat through the viewing windows.


On our way back, we met our fellow blue mates who were waiting to take the train. We then headed to Shelter Brewing Co where we had our lunch. It was an easy choice between amazing beef burgers and vegan burgers, and they came with the yummiest fries and aioli sauce. Everyone was so happy with lunch!

After lunch, we roamed around the town for a while before we catching the bus around 2:30pm to return to Perth, taking a snack break at John Tognela. Words are unable to describe the moments we lived, the memories we created and the friends we made just from this one trip.

I highly suggest that all international students studying here in Perth subscribe to StudyPerth’s newsletter and keep up-to-date with their Eventbrite page to avoid missing out on such amazing events and tours!

By Shahedun Chowdhury