Student Story: ShuHui Yong (Malaysia)

23 April 2020

Studying: University of Western Australia Foundation Programme at Taylors College

My name is ShuHui Yong and I am studying for the Foundation Programme at Taylors College.

I arrived in Perth eight months ago (in January 2019) from my home city of Miri, Malaysia. I chose to study in Perth because it was the best of two worlds - a bustling city and a quiet countryside, a perfect balance of business and calm. Besides that, Perth is closer to my home country than the cities on the east coast.

I think Perth is the perfect study destination because the infrastructure of the city is very student-friendly. The public transport system is efficient and most importantly, on time, therefore it is extremely easy to travel from one place to another by public transport. Besides, I always appreciate how easy it is to go off for an adventure in the outskirts and escape the bustling city, as there are national parks that are only a short 45-minute drive from the city centre. There, I can take a hike, have a picnic, enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. Perth is also a safe and clean city, which makes it a very conducive environment to study in.

What I love the most about Perth is that there are scenic views everywhere you go. It doesn't matter if you are in the city, at the beach, or in a suburb; each place is unique and attractive in its own way. The locals are very helpful and friendly, which helped my transition and settling in after arriving in Perth.

I thoroughly enjoy studying at Taylors College because the community is small, tightly knit and our teachers know each and every one of us well. I love the small community at Taylors college; I have made many friends from all over the world.

As the size of our classes are quite small, our teachers know us by name and by personality. They are very approachable and helpful, even outside class.

The classes are presented in an interactive manner and students are encouraged to think critically and analytically. The student support services organise workshops and tutorials every week for the students to help those who may be struggling with their studies for free, and the student council team runs multiple activities, so students can make new friends and try something new.

After I finish my undergraduate program in university, I would like to work with experts in the health industry, to research on drugs and their effects on diseases, but before I do that, I would love to fulfil my dream of traveling around Australia.

My greatest accomplishment after 8 months in Perth is being selected appointed as one of the ten International Student Ambassadors for StudyPerth. I get the opportunity to share my personal experience to other international students in Perth, and continue developing my professional skills. I have also acquired new skills after coming to Perth--I learnt how to play table tennis, pool and even participated in soccer (social sport, of course)--things I have never tried before!

To future students, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something you have never did before, you never know where that might lead you. I also encourage you to explore Perth and Western Australia during your study period, it is a beautiful place with so many unique experiences to offer. Make the most out of your time in Perth!

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