Student Story: Shahedun Chowdhury

10 January 2022

International Student Ambassador Shahedun Chowdhury talks us through his experience living and studying in Perth through a short Q&A.

Why did you choose to study in Perth?

I moved to Perth and commenced my studies in July 2019. During my school days at Radiant International School in Bangladesh, I was a science student. However, in Year 9 I shifted to commerce, especially for Economics and never liked accounting. However, life works in mysterious ways and repeatedly, accounting chose me.

What do you love most about living in Perth?

I really enjoy exploring Perth by taking road trips with friends around Western Australia. Table tennis is one of my favourite hobbies and I get to practice a lot in the StudyPerth Student Hub. I consider myself to be a foodie as I love trying different cuisines and restaurants around Perth.

What do you love about your studies and institution?

Accountants and auditors are where trust is put, and this constant awareness of responsibility has put me in a position where I wanted to study and learn further to equip myself with the tools of knowledge that will define my professional competence and behaviour. Therefore, I am here at Curtin University which ranks in the world's top 1%.

What would you like to do after you finish studying in Perth?

There are a lot of things I want to achieve in Australia and in life in general. For now, I want to build my communication skills and try to find ways to start my PhD in 2022 either in Audit & Governance or Tourism & Hospitality.