Student Story: Nancy Mokera

09 November 2020

Hello! My name is Nancy Mokera and I’m a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador. I began my studies in Perth at the beginning of 2020 and chose to study here because of the beautiful weather, beautiful towns and high quality of education.


If you had to show a friend who has never visited Perth a specific place, where would you go?

Nancy: I would definitely take them to Kings Park! It has such an amazing view of the city in both the day and the night.


Have you had any funny experiences here related to the Perth culture?

Nancy: I was told "tomorrow we will go to the beach - I advise you put on your thongs."

I was very confused so I went to research Australian beaches… Only then did I realise that Australians call flip flops “thongs”!


What has been one of your biggest challenges you’ve faced here in Australia and how did you overcome this?

Nancy: I really struggled to keep up with the bus timings! Lots of people love the public transport system here but I eventually gave in and bought a car.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to other international students?

Nancy: Go out and explore the beautiful city! If you think Perth isn’t fast-paced, you’re staying indoors too much and you need to get out and explore. Perth will change your life.