Student Story: Milvert Yi Song (Malaysia)

Course of study: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) of The University of WA

My name is Milvert Yi Song and I'm from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I'm currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at The University of Western Australia, having arrived in Perth to study in February 2018.

Perth is definitely great for learning as it provides the environment to do so without much distraction. Although Perth may not be as “active” as Melbourne or Sydney, its quiet environment at night is perfect for both studies and sleep (which by the way, is very important for effective learning).

In particular, I am enjoying my time on-campus at UWA. I think that participating in the Guild Elections has been a highlight while studying in Perth. These opportunities are not necessarily available in my home country so I was glad I took part in that.

I think I enjoy the student support a lot too. This is also something not readily available back in my home country. Australia values independent learning, which international students may not get used to. The student support services are there to help us learn better. The StudySmarter team was one of those that supported me greatly. They had workshops to help us study better, drop in sessions to give us a hand in assignments and also programs which helps us with our proficiency in the English language.

I think that here at UWA, there are tons of opportunities and you are free to make the choice. There’s a club or society for virtually anything you can think of in the world and if there isn’t one, you should start one on your own. If you would like to improve yourself, there are workshops which may just help you. Social events run almost every week so this is an opportunity for those who want to meet new people. Volunteering, internship and even work opportunities are available as well. It almost seems that the saying “good things come to those who wait” doesn’t apply here. If you want to excel in any area at all, be involved, learn and succeed!

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