Student Story: Luis Fonseca

31 August 2021

International Student Ambassador Luis Fonseca talks us through his experience living and studying in Perth through a short Q&A.

What are you studying in Perth?
Marketing and Innovation Management

Where are you studying?
Edith Cowan University

Where are you from?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why did you choose to study in Perth?
With Perth becoming regional for visa purposes, those who study here have more points to apply for residency. I chose Perth as its universities and schools have facilities and trained staff to help you to thrive in your studies. Perth is also a metropolis that does not have too many crowded places, so you won’t feel like you are swallowed up in a busy city. Moreover, it has plenty of opportunities to work while studying.

What do you love most about living in Perth?
The beach! WA is the biggest state in Australia and has so many different beaches along its coastline and different sights to see,  with a large connection to wildlife and nature. Furthermore, the hills and countryside have their own beauty which is worth visiting. Plus, the city work-study-life balance allows me to do a bit of everything that I want.

What do you love about your studies and institution?
The ECU campus is just amazing. Likewise with its helpful staff and awesome facilities, which have provided me with everything I need to chase high grades on my assignments. Apart from that, ECU offers job opportunities for international students, career coaching and the only 2 sleeping pods in Western Australia! Study and rest at the library is a must, don’t you agree?

What would you like to do after you finish studying in Perth?
I would probably take some time to travel around WA to get to know more cultures and places, go back to Brazil to visit my family and friends, then work in digital marketing for a couple of years while deciding if I should set up my own company or not.

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