Student Story: Hasta Mahatara (Nepal)

23 April 2020

Studying: Diploma of Nursing at the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia My name is Hasta Mahatara and I am studying for a Diploma of Nursing at the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia. I arrived in Perth in June 2017.

While Perth wasn't my first choice for a study destination, I don't regret the decision I made to come here. What I love most about living in Perth is the people, and the learning opportunities it offers. Also, it's not that crowded that you get lost, but not so quiet that you lose the essence of being in a city. It's quiet, peaceful and a happy location for learning in comparison to other cities. And if you look for the opportunities to learn, make friends and volunteer, you'll find so many.

Early in 2018, I joined the Toastmasters international committee. It's a group of people, gathering once every week and sharing their thoughts as per the pathway course they choose. I was enrolled in a pathway called dynamic leadership. It enhanced my abilities in many ways.

While living and studying in Perth, I feel like I've achieved a lot, but the best moments were the ones where I got involved with through different organisations, at which I got to meet lots of students like me. I volunteered with StudyPerth and UN Youth WA. Those have been some of the highlights of my time in Perth.

Once I finished studying, of course I'll be working part-time as a nurse, but I also want to study international relations if I receive any partial or full scholarship. Working among countries, knowing their issues and aiming to solve them has always been my dream.

My advice to students looking to study in Perth is to always know who you are and what your dreams are, and work on it. Perth will help you to achieve them. Always be keen to know and learn things, and find groups and places where you could enhance your skills. Do not hesitate to work, or seek help. Sometimes students gets stressed out - in such situations, reach out to others and talk. Get involved in volunteer activities; they are the best ways to keep you engaged, enhance your skills and meet new people. Don't panic - you'll be fine!

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