Student Story: Emmanuel Dei (Ghana)

23 April 2020

Studying: Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch University

My name is Emmanuel Dei and I am studying for a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch University.

I arrived in Perth in January 2019 from my hometown of Accra (Ghana), as a recipient of the Australia Award Africa scholarship from the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Since my arrival, I have enjoyed meeting people from other cultures, learning about their perspectives in life, and visiting historic sites in Perth such as Rottnest Island.

My proudest achievement from my time in Perth so far was being selected as an International Student Ambassador by StudyPerth, to provide wonderful insights into studying and life in Perth based on my own experiences.

I believe Perth is a great place to learn because the education system here enables students to gain internationally-recognised skills that are relevant to the real world. The standard of living in Perth is high and affordable for students – students receive a discount on all public transport, and buses within the main city centre are free! Learning in Perth also sets students up on a career path that makes them global citizens that can fit into all manner of settings and make valuable contributions to society.

Further to this, Perth is less crowded with less traffic congestion and low crime rate compared to other major cities. It is a well planned city with a fantastic balance between modern development (sophisticated buildings and skyscrapers) and nature, (greenery, clean air, birds and water bodies) and, overall, I think it is a safe place to live and learn.

I really enjoy learning at Murdoch University. My curriculum is preparing and shaping my thinking about health on a global level. The teaching style at Murdoch University, where you are allowed to express your thoughts freely, is helpful and the learning activities ensure that you gain a deeper and practical understanding of what you are learning.

There is also a warm and welcoming feeling on the campus that makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and harness your hidden potentials.

When I finish my studies, I would like to work with health experts and keep learning how to use existing and new technologies to deliver sustainable and quality healthcare to help people live healthier lifestyles. I would also want to keep studying – I would probably do a PhD to broaden my horizons in the health sector.

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