Student Story: Chuxiong (Harry) Li

My name is Chuxiong Li - but I prefer Harry. I am originally from China, currently studying for a Master of Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

I had travelled to Australia two years before coming to Perth for my undergraduate studies. During that time I visited the eastern states but I knew when I returned home that I really wanted to explore Western Australia, as I didn't have the opportunity to go there during my initial travels.

I arrived in Perth in October 2014. Since then, I have completed a Bachelor of Physiology at The University of Western Australia and commenced my current studies at Curtin University.

I think Perth is a great place to live and learn and I believe it has the best work-life balance. People are very kind here and you can get a lot of support from them. I have met many life-long friends while in Perth who I wouldn’t give away for anything! I especially enjoy Sunday barbeques and I think there is no better way to end your week than with some good food and chats with friends.

The beaches are very nice in Perth, so I really like that too - particularly Trigg Beach where I go surfing. If you are a beach person, Perth is the place to be.

I have studied at two universities during my time in Perth, both provide excellent education opportunities. I am learning so much completing my Masters at Curtin University at the moment and the UWA campus next to the Swan River is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever studied at.

What I love most about studying is meeting people who are passionate about the same things as you. When I graduate I would love to work in my industry and put my learned skills into practice – or even develop my skills further. I really look forward to exposing myself to things I haven’t yet had the opportunity to learn during any of my studies.

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