Student Story: Aubrey (Philippines)

Course of study: Masters of Communication at Murdoch University

My name is Aubrey and I'm from Manila, Philippines. I'm currently studying for a Masters of Communication at Murdoch University, having arrived in Perth to study two years ago.

I chose to study in Perth because my family is here and I heard that Murdoch is one of the best universities to study at in Western Australia when it comes to the Communications field of study. The teachers are very nice and accommodating. They can easily be reached through email and they reply within the day. They also give extensions to assignments whenever we have difficulties with our assessments.

I also really like Thursdays on campus, because we have Market Daze. There are lots of activities and freebies, and various kinds of stalls such as religious stalls, community stalls, and work opportunity stalls.

The thing I love most about living in Perth is that there is no traffic (I learned to drive here!), no pollution, and it is peaceful. The people here are friendly and as Perth is also a multicultural city, I met lots of friends from different countries. Sharing our cultures helps enrich our knowledge and social skills. There are many places to visit and many multicultural activities to enjoy, like fruit picking, sand-surfing in Lancelin and seeing the flowers at Araluen. I also enjoy fishing with my family.

Perth is also a very safe place to live. I am planning to stay here for good at the conclusion of my studies, and get a 485 visa.

For anyone looking to study in Perth, here is my advice to you: don’t be afraid to reach out whenever you need help. The people here in Perth are not judgmental - they will not judge you if you are not the best at speaking English.

Also, learn to balance everything. Students should not focus solely on studying; they should go and enjoy themselves once in a while. Look for communities here in Perth as well - there are Filipino communities here and many different religious groups and places of worship.  Finding someone with similar faiths, beliefs and values will help when it comes to finding motivation.

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