Student Story: Angeli Plaza

29 March 2022

Hi, my name is Angeli and this is my international student story.

Unlike most international students, I did not come here with the intention to study. My purpose in visiting Perth was just to see some family and explore WA. However, as the pandemic unfolded everything changed. I was put in a challenging situation where I couldn’t go back home as my native country was saddled by health risks and political turmoil. Instead of looking at my situation as a hindrance I took it as an opportunity to further my studies and pursue higher education and that’s how my student journey began.

As an international student I’m always asked why among all the cities in Australia, I chose Perth to study and live in. I answer it cheekily by saying that “I did not choose Perth but rather it chose me,” due to the fact that I got stuck here and decided to study. But in all seriousness, Perth’s education system is on par with the best in the world. The opportunity to train in a high-level and competitive environment was something I’ve always looked forward to pursuing. Perth did not disappoint!

What I love most about Perth and WA are its people and nature. Before starting my studies, I barely knew anyone in the city, then one of the career counsellors at Kaplan Business School suggested that I should check out StudyPerth. I visited their website and saw the many events they organise for international students to meet other international students. It was a delight to know there is an organisation that provides student care for those who hail from different countries outside Australia.  

Personally, I get anxious when going to places and meeting new people alone but I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone. As a trivia lover, I decided to join StudyPerth’s trivia night event and since then I have been involved with StudyPerth which I truly enjoy. Through my involvement, I became an Events Committee member, was appointed as one of the International Student Ambassadors, encountered people from different walks of life, experienced so many firsts, explored WA and built lasting relationships.

In addition, Perth is so blessed with natural beauty, from beaches to hiking trails and waterfalls – the list goes on. There’s a place to enjoy for everyone.

I’m currently studying for a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at Kaplan Business School (KBS) and what I love most about studying at KBS is how tight-knit the community is and how easy it is to acquire assistance when needed. I genuinely appreciate that this educational institution promotes greater cultural awareness, social connections, and diversity. Furthermore, the idea of studying in a small class size with expert lecturers providing individual support to their students is very reassuring.

Ideally, after finishing my studies, I plan to work for a non-profit organisation that promotes humanitarian care.

By Angeli Plaza


2021 Rottnest Student Day with the StudyPerth team and volunteers.

At Mundaring Weir with Lindiwe (fellow international student and former Events Committee member) during StudyPerth’s first hike event. / A day trip to Margaret River before Lindiwe’s flight back to her home country. (Right to left: Me, Lindiwe, Woody & Estefani)

Catching up with fellow International Student Ambassadors and the ever-supportive StudyPerth staff.