Student Story: Anaell Dubruque

30 June 2022

Australia – or do you like to call it 'Oz' as I do?

This place has so much to offer. The lifestyle is so different from anywhere I've been. I used to be a backpacker from Aix-en-Provence, France, wandering around the world searching for crazy adventures to experience. I can tell you that the one that thrilled me the most was Australia.

Between dangerous snakes and cute koalas, between a ride in the city and a hike in the Outback, between a surf break and a fire camp on the beach... I fell in love with the country and the people I met here.


Surfers Paradise Gold Coast (2016) | The Outback (2016) | Whitsunday Islands (2016)

Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon, USA (2017)


And this is why, I decided to come back and start studying on the coast that I still hadn't seen – Western Australia.

Life was pretty hard at first. I arrived with a small amount of money to accomplish my certificates in Fitness to become a personal trainer, earning a living from food deliveries and a few shifts of a waitressing job. I wasn't able to do much and explore Western Australia at the time.

However, after two years of patience and hard work, I finished my certificates, became a personal trainer and started to get lots of work opportunities and time to spend doing things that I enjoyed.

After a while, I realised that I wanted to study more and get a deeper knowledge of the human body and understand the world that surrounds us, so I made the decision to start a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at Edith Cowan University (ECU).


Pink Lake Hutt Lagoon, WA (2021) | Melbourne (2022) | Husky Farm, Canada (2017)


The university student life took me to a whole new level of cognition, and I spend most of my time studying in my room learning for hours non-stop. You could see that as a struggle but when you love what you are learning, the time flies. You don't even realise it!

I'd say that these past 2 semesters at ECU have taught me a lot and I'm so grateful for it. I've also managed to establish a balance between study, work and leisure time – such as going on weekends for small trips with my friends, visiting the best parts of WA, or participating in one of the amazing events that StudyPerth offers every month!

I realised how important and healthy it is to have that kind of balance and allow yourself to relax in between study time.

People often ask me what I intend to do after my studies and it is too early for me to say. I still have 2 years of university ahead of me, which gives me plenty of time to think and decide what's next!

However, I do hope that I will get the chance to spend more time in Australia, hopefully working as a scientist after my Bachelor's!

By Anaell Dubruque