Student Story: Ana Roberto

06 October 2021

I have decided to write about my experience in Perth. My name is Ana Isabel Roberto Peña. I am from Colombia and I have been in Perth since November 2018.

My initial idea was to study English for six months and go back to Colombia, but Perth is a beautiful and magical city that I fell in love with and I also felt I needed to learn more English. Six months is not enough!

So I searched for the best place to study English and I finally found an amazing place which is UWA CELT (Centre for English Language Teaching).  I really recommend this place for learning from the most qualified and friendly teachers. I took General English, EPA and IELT courses for a year and a half.

I really started to learn my second language with them. I am grateful to UWA CELT not only for the classes, but also for the social activities where we learn more and share experiences with other international students.

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Thanks to them, I learned about StudyPerth, the amazing organisation that thinks of international students and made me eager to visit all the beautiful places in Perth. 

Thank you StudyPerth, because from your incredible events I have explored more of Perth. StudyPerth has offered me the opportunity to practise English while attending their events and talking to other students.

I like to take photos and have the best shots of Perth and other places in Australia that I have had the opportunity to visit. I am inspired to start a blog to post these photos and describe them all from my emotions and true experience. I hope that you can follow me once I do!