Staying Mentally Active: Alone, At Home

23 April 2020

Written by International Student Ambassador ShuHui Yong

Studying online is challenging. Being the social species that we are, social, personal interaction with others is what we seek for motivation, comfort and reassurance. Achieving something by yourself with minimal interaction with others can be, at the very least, daunting and full of uncertainties. Physically isolated and faced with the prospect of boredom, staying mentally active can be quite challenging for many students.

I must admit, I did feel lost and demotivated during the first few days of online classes. Soon I realised that these were just mere setbacks that threw me off the track. With that in mind, I sought to adapt to this new lifestyle. I asked myself, "what can I do to make every day meaningful?".

The combination of online studies and self-isolation may be challenging, so I urge you to ask yourself this same question, take up the challenge and turn it into an achievement. Think of it as something you can look back on afterwards and be proud of. That being said, here are some things you could do to stay active not just physically, but mentally too.

  • Take up a skill or learn a new hobby. There's no better time to do it - you have pretty much full rein to do whatever you would like to do. YouTube and Google are out there, so make full use of it them.
  • Challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to fail. Have you got a tiny secret, something you are terrible in? Do your friends think your dancing could be better? Throw yourself a challenge by learning a dance routine, and have fun with it! No one is watching you, so have fun, be silly and laugh it out. Who knows, you will get better through practice and even find it enjoyable.
  • Take online courses. There is a wide range of course choices, with many of them available for free. It is a great opportunity to upskill, meet like-minded people and make new connections.
  • Get organised. Make your living space clean and tidy if you have not been able to do that because of your busy schedule.
  • Perfect your résumé. Make your employment portfolio look even better. Update your work experience or professional skill sets during this period so that it is ready to go in the future.
  • Get into the kitchen. Cook up a new dish or bake something. Not only does it get your creativity flowing, but it also tests your patience. Nothing brings you a sense of accomplishment like a successful dish.

The list goes on. Needless to say, you don't need to binge-watch Netflix to pass time. Take this as a challenge and an opportunity to achieve something beyond your limits.

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