Sing Along To Australian Christmas Carols

23 April 2020

Everyone loves singing along to Christmas carols about walking in a winter wonderland and letting it snow so you can build Frosty the snowman… Except for Australians. When we are sitting by the pool or are at the beach on a 40-degree day trying to keep cool, singing a song about a White Christmas just seems tauntingly cruel!

Over the years, Australians have taken it upon themselves to create summer-inspired Christmas carols, so we have put together a list to get you into the Aussie Christmas spirit!

Jingle Bells… In Australia

Dashing through the bush In a rusty Holden ute…

The Australian version of Jingle Bells is a little unconventional and can be a bit challenging for people to understand, so be sure to check out the translation!

Six White Boomers

In the 1960s, Australians decided that summer here was too hot for reindeer to be pulling Santa’s sleigh. Instead, we decided the kangaroos (also known as ‘boomers’) are in charge. Six White Boomers tells the story of Santa helping a lost joey (baby kangaroo) find his mum.

White Wine in the Sun

The idea drinking of hot mulled wine on at Christmas time doesn’t exactly apply here in Australia. Tim Minchin, a Perth-born and raised comedian and musician, has instead created his own Christmas carol about drinking white wine in the sun.

12 Days of Aussie Christmas

It’s safe to say that no one can really relate to receiving French Hens or Turtle Doves for Christmas, so instead Australians are receiving snags (sausages), and rusty utes (a utility truck) in this version of the song 12 Days of Christmas with an Aussie twist.

If you want to refresh your memory of Aussie slang before you listen to this, check out our blog about learning the local lingo.

How to Make Gravy

No list of Australian Christmas carols is complete without Paul Kelly’s song, How to Make Gravy. In a truly unconventional fashion, Kelly wrote a song from the perspective of a prisoner writing a letter to his family containing the recipe for gravy for Christmas dinner.

Now you have immersed yourself in our traditional Aussie carols, be sure to stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas series to prepare yourself for a summertime Christmas!

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