Quick Morning Rituals During Exams

16 November 2020

Less sleep during heavy study periods, perhaps broken sleep, more stress, brain tension, quick, easy to grab convenient and perhaps less ideal food choices...does this sound familiar?


Let’s keep this simple, but very nourishing.


Before you even step out of bed sit up. Close your eyes. Spend a few minutes using your breath to arrive in your body and into your day.   Remain present in your body, and in your bed by using a long, slow and anchoring breath that says “I am here, here I am, I am now ready to step into my day”. You may even like to silently say those words to add intention to your practice.


This kind of breath signals to your brain “I am ok” so you can call upon your breath to soothe your nervous system whenever you feel overwhelmed.


Try to do this before checking if anything interesting happened on social media overnight. Before opening emails. Before studying. Arrive into your body and into your day with intention.


Then have a glass of water.


These two simple gestures cost you nothing other than a choice and a few minutes of your time and the reward is presence and nourishment.


Try it for a few days and gather your own evidence! Good luck with your exams!



Kelly Dalby, Holistic Health Coach