Pursuing My Passion in Perth

24 November 2021

Have you ever been asked by the people around you what you are interested in?

Well, if one were to show interest during a date night conversation, asking about the other person’s hobbies or passion is indeed a great ice breaker to get to know them better. 

When people ask me this very question I would usually reply with photography, a hobby I picked up quite recently after moving to Perth.



The Upside of Lockdown

Before living in Perth, I showed very little interest in the field of photography. I’ve always believed that taking pictures can be done by every single soul on this planet, ever since the invention of the very device that you are reading this blog from (assuming that you are on your phone). Hence, there was nothing special about it.

During the lockdown period in 2020, we Perth Aussies were stuck in our houses gazing at funny videos on YouTube, despite this many of us had picked up a hobby to pass the time. To make ourselves feel better during lockdown, to create the illusion that we were being productive. Even though most of us just binge-watched Riverdale on Netflix (myself included)!

Being one of those victims, I too was drawn to picking up a lockdown hobby, leading me to indulge in the area of photography across the broad internet. Admiring the mesmerising work of many photographers, I was then drawn to the field. A match set by fate!



Being A Photographer in Perth

Humans are ambitious creatures. We constantly set our dreams high, looking only at the bigger picture and often ignoring the existence of the little things in life.

Being a high school student who strives for overachievement, I tend to forget to stop and enjoy the small things that make my experience of studying abroad 'fun'. I keep forgetting to enjoy the journey and not the destination.



Photography taught me this very philosophy; it taught me how to see the beauty in insignificant details that people tend to miss. To see the beauty in the little things in the world, as they themselves provide us, photographers, with an abstract story waiting to be captured.

Details that are not grand and of splendour. Small details that people tend to not pay attention to. Details that might seem mundane.

I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to live in Perth. A vibrant city filled with so many precious moments waiting to be captured.



Perth is a city that fuels my hungry passion for venturing into the world of street photography, showcasing its mesmerising infrastructure that unites the beauty of old European and modern eccentric architecture.

With that comes the vibrant multicultural society governed only by beauty and diversity. From exotic dishes to various cultural events, adding to the already unique and rich Indigenous Australian culture, Perth brings forward true authenticity to the eyes of the people. 

A city located in Western Australia, a land of endless wonders with picturesque landscapes and natural hotspots that construct a sense of being in a truly distinct and untouched world.

A city fit for ambitious photographers.

By Joey Gemmy


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