Optus Halo Tour with our Ambassadors

16 December 2021

Despite being in the sunniest city of Australia, I find myself both amazed and dazzled by the significance of rain in my blogs. I won't be writing about my heroic runs through any busy streets today but rather show how the rain allowed the StudyPerth family to have a thrilling day out at the Optus Stadium.

Remember from Kayla's blog that we had a change of plan during our Ambassador Staycation? We decided on going to Timezone instead of the Optus Halo Tour due to the storm headed towards Perth. Not long ago, us Ambassadors finally got the chance to go on our much-anticipated Optus Halo Tour with some of the StudyPerth team.

Was it good? It was exhilarating!

Our tour took off with dinner at The Camfield, where we had a good laugh and food before heading off for the main attraction of the evening. Upon completing all the formalities, we were led into a locker room to 'suit up' for the great walk. Everyone got into their uniforms, and as is apparent from the pictures, it felt like we were going for a Formula 1 race or a spacewalk. Someone was throwing in some Ghostbuster references, and it did not take long for everyone to get into character. Not so long afterward, we were ready to ascend to the rooftop for the wondrous yet mysterious adventure.

The tour started with an insight into how Optus Stadium came to be and its special features. As we walked across the vast corridors of the stadium, the enthusiasm, paired with the spacesuit-like uniform, made it hard to shake the feeling of being in an actual space mission. After climbing all 78 steps to the top, the warm summer breeze hit me. I momentarily felt disoriented by the giant gleaming white roof coverings. The amethyst purple tint of the sky and the orange-gold glare reflected off the Perth skyline to create a view difficult to explain in words.

I snapped back to reality as our tour guide started explaining some fun facts, safety procedures and details regarding the rooftop. After the briefing, we started walking along the edge of the stadium roof, breathing in the spectacular views of this gem of a city. After a bit of sightseeing, a second tour guide greeted us, and I figured it was time for the scariest and intriguing part of the tour: leaning back off the edge.

The excitement and fear started creeping up on me as I stood on the edge and slowly began positioning myself. I spread my arms and leaned back, and for that very moment, time felt slow. The avid sky watcher in me peeked through as I looked up at the sky, as the purple and orange started hiding under the grey streak of clouds. Stars filled the growingly pale sky as the birds flocked home. As I said, time started feeling slower, and it felt like I was falling into a new dimension.

All of us took the turn to lean off the edge and get some picturesque shots. But the tour would have been incomplete if Angeli, Jesse and Rachel did not start singing 'Halo' by Beyonce to finish off the Optus Halo Tour. The singing, good company and the adventure turned out to be the ultimate recipe for a perfect day out.

By Abu Hanif Faisal