Nature And Wildlife

23 April 2020

Our characteristic landscapes and our unique plants and animals bring thousands of tourists to Perth every year. As the largest state in Australia – and one of the largest land regions in the world – Western Australia has several climates and a spectacular range of places to explore, from red deserts to towering forests and glittering tropical beaches.

Here you can swim with dolphins, walk in the treetops of an ancient forest, go whale watching, witness coral spawning, explore prehistoric caves and still watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean every night.

We welcome you to explore the natural beauty of Western Australia.

Perth's top nature showcases and wildlife events


Witness coral spawning Ningaloo Reef, WA's Coral Coast Visit the website

March to October

Staircase to the Moon Broome, WA's North West Visit the website

May to December

Spot whales during their annual migration WA's coastline from South to North Visit the website

August to September

Springtime at Araluen Araluen Botanic Park, Perth Visit the website


Kings Park Festival Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth Visit the website

September to June

Get up close to Fairy Penguins Shoalwater Marine Park, south of Perth Visit the website

December to February

Watch turtles egg-laying and hatching Ningaloo Reef, WA's Coral Coast Visit the website

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