My Top Three Reasons To Pursue Further Studies In Perth

23 April 2020

Written by International Student Ambassador Emmanuel Dei

Studying away from your home country could be a very difficult decision to make, and a tough one to do. You may ask yourself many questions like, “how am I going to survive?”, “is the education system difficult to navigate?”, “will I feel welcomed in that country?”, “will I get support when I need it?”, “what are the people there like?” and a lot more. People become international students for various reasons, including seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and education systems, studying in a foreign language and making new friends. Often, students choose to study in a specific country based on the experiences they believe they can gain from that country. As a current international student living and studying in Perth, here are my top three reasons to pursue an international education in Perth, Western Australia. I base these reasons on my rich first-year study experience (read the full story here).

It’s all about YOU

The education system in WA is centred around the student and what helps them to succeed. The institutions promote diversity and inclusion – they appreciate that students come from varying backgrounds and have different perspectives in thinking, so courses are structured to accommodate these different perspectives and capabilities. Also, you are often challenged to set your thinking capabilities free and explore your ideas to the maximum. Help is always available for international students in Perth. Institutions have student support programs and offices that help and guide students to be productive and make strong connections. The institutions also provide a wide range of professional services, many of which are free to access, including counselling aimed at supporting international students in their studies and life. I have noticed that the Western Australia government and educational institutions have international students at heart, supporting them in any way possible to feel comfortable and excel.

A refined YOU

The world-class education and daily interactions available in Perth help students to develop both personally and professionally. There are several free and paid events run by industry experts that help students to gain in-depth understanding of their course outside the classroom setting. Every interaction you have and event you attend adds to your knowledge. People are always ready to share what they know with you, which makes Perth the ideal destination for learning. Institutions also offer a spectrum of courses that help you convert your passions into a lifelong career. One benefit of engaging in the myriad of activities in Perth is that they encourage you to refine and shape your ideas and ambitions. After pursuing your studies in Perth, you will come out personally and professionally transformed, and you will gain new and refreshing ideas, interests and goals to help you pursue a fulfilling career.

YOUR comfort is key

Everything in Perth is designed to make sure you are comfortable. Whether you are studying, living or just visiting, you will quickly learn that Perth is easy to navigate. The use of technology and the easy access to information and services makes the city ideal for comfortable and accessible living, especially for international students. With the click of a button, you get the answers to everything you need to know, because everything is accessible online including essential services. Coming from a country which is yet to fully integrate technology into its system, I find life in Perth to be very comfortable and luxurious. It is also a city that is designed in such a way that everybody can live self-sufficiently, and social inclusion is high. So, if you are considering studying outside your country, I strongly believe that Perth should be the number one study destination on your list of choices. I promise, you will not regret it.

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