My Advice For International Students

23 April 2020

Written by International Student Ambassador Abhijith Harikumar

Studying overseas can be daunting. There are the thoughts of spending a long time away from your family, friends, community, and pets. You may be nervous about getting along with a new group of people. Or you may simply miss the food and social life from your home.

If you choose to study overseas, I promise it will be an eye-opening experience that is well worth the risk. As a student, you have the opportunity to go to unique places and experience everything that the world has to offer.

For me, Western Australia is the best place to be especially for getting a wonderful authentic Australian life experience. The capital city of Perth is an amazing place, be it due to the weather, the people, or the beautiful beaches; the list really is endless. Perth has much to offer, especially for its students, so I have put together three core pieces of advice for students to consider.

Get involved

After living in Perth for 10 months, one most valuable things I did was get involved in as much as I could around the city and at my university. I would highly recommend doing this, as it is one major way to widen your network. Perth has international students from almost 150 countries, so imagine how it would be if you had at least one friend from each country!

For me, friends are like family. Being an international student, I had to leave everything behind when I moved here to take on a new venture in my career, be it professional or academic. This is where friends make a big impact, and getting involved is the best way to make friends - whether this is through clubs at your institution, through local volunteering hubs, or from other sources.

There are heaps of places and activities for one to get involved in and stay occupied every day. Come out of your comfort zone and give your best to get involved as much as possible, because the people in Perth are so lovely and welcoming that they would want you to be a part of their group!


Perth is not just buildings and local suburbs; it is at the heart of all the breath-taking places in Western Australia that students can access. Every day you can experience wonderful sights in each corner of the city, be it the thought-provoking street-art, evening barbeques, sunset markets and much more.

There is a lot to do outside the city limits too. Western Australia has the biggest coastline even when compared to its eastern counterparts. With a pristine coastline of over 12,000 kilometres, this brings out the wanderlust in a person.

Visit Rottnest Island, feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia, trek through the Bungle Bungle Range in the Kimberley region, show off your surfing talents in Margaret River, enjoy Western Australia’s delicious food and wine.. the list goes on! So, instead of binge-watching television at home, why not choose a good time with your mates.

Time management

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Time management is an increasingly challenging task for not just students, but for everyone from all walks of life as they juggle work, family, studies and other commitments. Time management is an important transferrable skill that helps maintain a good work-life balance, whether it is for studies, planning a road trip, or even having dinner with your friends.

The reason I reiterate the importance of time management for prospective international students is that you probably will get involved with various things during your time here in Perth, but you need make sure you don't go overcommit. Thus, a key piece of advice that I would like to share is to work on your time management skills.

There you go - I would recommend these devices for everyone to have a better tomorrow and I wish you a wonderful time here in Perth, Western Australia.

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