International Students Welcomed To WA

23 April 2020

The international education community yesterday welcomed the 2020 cohort of international students to Perth and said they added economic and cultural diversity to the state.

The annual StudyPerth welcome event is designed to celebrate the start of students’ education journey in Perth and mark the beginning of their life-long connection with Western Australia.

In a city of two million people, the impact of international students is substantial. Over 50,000 international students currently study at Perth’s universities, colleges and schools. They enrich the Western Australian community in many different ways and help strengthen Western Australia’s relationships with other countries.

Over 2,000 people from over 90 different countries were represented at the event on Sunday.

The students and their families enjoyed a Welcome to Country and music from local musicians and had the opportunity to connect with Consuls General, StudyPerth’s International Student Ambassadors – and meet some native Australian animals.

Perth is a world-class education in a world-class city with the capacity and appetite for growth across all sectors of international education.

StudyPerth Chief Executive Officer Phil Payne said “As the friendliest city in Australia, and one of the most diverse, Perth has always offered a warm welcome and we are looking forward to opening the doors to more international students.”

A recent migration designation means that Perth can now offer additional attractions to international students and additional opportunities for them to prosper after they complete their studies.

The State is very proud to provide international students with new opportunities that will equip and empower them, not only to improve their own lives and careers, but to build capacity and prosperity in the lives of people in their respective communities.

Images from the event can be accessed here.

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