Hear what our International Student Ambassadors think of their experience

11 June 2020

Registrations are now open for StudyPerth’s next round of International Student Ambassadors! The program is a wonderful way to represent the international student community in Perth and improve your professional development skills. Additionally, you will be involved in StudyPerth’s student engagement initiatives and help other students to realise why Perth is the perfect place to live, learn and launch their careers! Our current Ambassadors have shared their highlights from the experience.

Abhijith Harikumar, India

Being an Ambassador totally changed my life. The decision to apply for a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador was the best decision and will be the best in my whole life.

I became best friends with 9 other intelligent and wonderful Ambassadors who kept me motivated and supported me everyday, even through tough times.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say this is the best opportunity of my life and that if given the chance to be with StudyPerth even after my tenure as an Ambassador, I would with my whole heart be very welcome to help and be a part of everything.

Thank you StudyPerth and thank you very much to everyone for selecting me. I would not be the person I am if StudyPerth hadn't given me this opportunity.

Emmanuel Dei, Ghana

My favourite memories as an Ambassador were the trips we undertook during the video shoots. It gave us the opportunity to partake in fun activities, and also allowed us to bond as Ambassadors coming from different cultures. We learnt a lot about each other as we shared stories about ourselves in conversations.

Another favourite memory was the interactive workshops we had on Public Speaking, where we were given the opportunity to share our stories. It was fulfilling to know that we each had different stories which have shaped our lives in different ways but brought us together here in Perth. The atmosphere of fun and joy on the faces of the other ambassadors as we shared and listened to our stories was one of my favourite memories.

My last favourite memory I have from the program is getting to meet the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of my university (Murdoch) at the ceremony when I was appointed as an Ambassador. The way she and the team were happy and proud to have their student as part of the program was very exciting for me. This opened a lot of other academic opportunities from me as well.

Hasta Mahatara, Nepal

Visiting governors house was an amazing experience, and networking with the university and government representatives made me proud of what I was doing. All the memories of the photo shoots will be treasured forever. I was always keen to attend workshop and meet other ambassadors. They honed my skills and made me better in many ways.

Hiromi Takahashi, Japan

Being Ambassador opened a lot of doors for me. It was my goal to organise a sexual health workshops with educational institutions. Through StudyPerth, I have met so many people from international education. Now, I am collaborating with one of them to deliver sexual health education for international students!

Leo Manuel Cadete, Phillippines

Being a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador is really a great experience and will certainly be remembered. One of the great memories being an Ambassador is participating in workshops where you can see everyone is really eager to learn and develop their skills.

Natalia Murcia, Colombia

My first great experience was the appointment ceremony. It was a mix of feelings, happiness and nervousness. Meeting for the first time my fellow Ambassadors and finding out how fortunate I was of being the only Latin American student!

I really enjoyed the Public Speaking workshop. It was challenging and fun. I learnt how I can create expectation and excitement about my own personal journey.

I would have never imagined I was going to meet Western Australia's own Governor! We even had a tour around the Gorvernment House guided by The Hon Kim Beazley himself! It was a precious and memorable event.

Every moment spent with my fellow Ambassadors was great. I feel so fortunate because I have now nine siblings from all parts of the world. I love that even coming from such different cultural upbringings we can relate to each other so easily.

Attending official events and representing StudyPerth, my institution and my country was an honour. I had the opportunity to meet Colombia's ConsuI at the StudyPerth Official Welcome event in 2020. It was even more motivating hearing from the Consul himself how they really want and work for Colombian students to succeed and do well whilst in Perth.

Filming the promotional videos it is always fun getting the chance to go places I might never find the time to go. I discovered a lot of amazing places in WA thanks to the filming sessions I was part of.

Being an Ambassador allowed me to represent my institution. As a proud alumni from South Metropolitan TAFE I was invited to different events. TAFE International Western Australia proudly presented me as one of their successful stories as an International Student. I had the opportunity to share my journey with agents and different people across the education sector which also gave me some kind of exposure and I was able to prove why Perth is a great study destination where you can reach your goals!

Shuhui Yong, Malaysia

This program has led to many other opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible for me. It challenged me in many ways but after the experiences I went through, I have been able to develop professionally. Last but not least, the friendship I gained through this program (both with the Ambassadors and the StudyPerth team) is the most special of all. We may have come from different backgrounds and started off as strangers but that quickly turned into family.

William, Indonesia

The StudyPerth International Student Ambassador program has exposed me to the professional world and networks I have never imagined before. Besides professional development workshops, I also got many chances to put the learned knowledge into practice.

Chuxiong (Harry) Li, China

The International Student Ambassador program has changed my life in many ways. I have made some really good friends, built some meaningful connections, and it has widened my perspectives on many things. As an international student, the program also provides a platform to tell my stories and let other people know what it's like to be an international student in Perth! I would really recommend it to any overseas students - it is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Chiedza Jasi, Zimbabwe

The International Student Ambassador program has forever changed my life. I’ve acquired a lot of skills: public speaking, writing, storytelling skills and networking skills, just to name a few. l have also had the opportunity to meet and network with great people. l cannot tell you how amazing this program is. You’ve got to experience it yourself to truly understand.

Be sure to register before the 29th of June for your chance to become one of StudyPerth’s next International Student Ambassadors.