Guidance Ahead of “Silly Season”

03 November 2020

As festivities approach this year, I encourage you to plan ahead. After all, this year has bought more uncertainty, fear, loneliness, illness and loss than many years before. It has also united us as a collective because not one single person has been unaffected by this years events.

So when it comes to planning for the season of celebration ahead, plan beyond the social calendar, plan beyond the outfits and the parties, plan how you wish to feel not at the other side of the season but on the other side of each and every event or experience.

After many years in the wellness space, teaching behavioural concepts and gaining deep understanding of our patterning, and many many years of silly seasons under my own belt I know this much with certainty:

  1. We know ourselves better than anyone else which means we know our own tendencies - this is great feedback
  2. The best time to decide what is really important is ahead of the moment


You know the moment of excitement when you throw your arms in the air and literally just don’t care?

Or the moment you are presented with a buffet of food and complimentary drinks and it would just be rude not to?

Or the moment when you’ve already overindulged so what’s the harm in a little more?

We don’t call it silly season for no reason!


This year, I invite you to consider what is important to you now. Because without considering this, what are we basing each and every single tiny little choice upon?

From a place of awareness comes acknowledgment.

From that place of acknowledgement we can invite courage.

And with courage as our step ladder we can reach for aligned choices.

This means making choices that move us closer towards how we wish to feel. One tiny intentional gesture at a time.


So begin there...ahead of acknowledging how you really want to feel. You don’t even need to know the “how” yet.


Happy festivities!


Kelly Dalby