Employability The Focus For International Students In Perth

23 April 2020

StudyPerth's bold new Employability Project aims to assist international students with the skills, connections and knowledge to advance their career or entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our research identified the need to improve competitiveness in employability; we’re doing this through several innovative initiatives. StudyPerth’s aim is to establish a comprehensive culture and infrastructure that provides ‘employability and enterprise’ opportunities for all students. We also focus on fostering friendships and improving the communication skills of our international students”, StudyPerth Executive Director Phil Payne said.

Please find below detailed information about the Employability Project.


Case study: Employability Perth

Research by QS Enrolment Solutions in 2018 for StudyPerth, Understanding the International Student Experience, identified key areas of attention for Perth to attract and retain high quality international students. This included improving competitiveness in employability – which plays a critical role when international students choose their study destination.

Study Perth commenced the Employability Perth project to:

  • create a comprehensive and integrated system of educational projects that identify and address students’ requirements, especially around employability at the end of their course
  • establish a comprehensive culture with stakeholders to provide opportunities for all students to advance their employment, entrepreneurial or enterprise aspirations.


StudyPerth has identified innovative, conceptual development practises, to deliver out-of-the-box solutions. Employability programs often offer identical solutions to both domestic and international students. They don’t always consider cultural differences and issues that are unique to international students. StudyPerth’s research identified three main challenges for employability programs for international students:

  • International students find it difficult to obtain authentic, real life or practical experiences; they may require support to integrate into Australian workplace cultures.
  • International students often rely on socialisation with their own nationality groups. This may affect their English language proficiency, which in turn impacts on their ability to talk about their achievements and ideas when applying for jobs or engaging in Australian workplaces.
  • International students often come from cultures prioritising study to achieve high grades and a higher education. This can mean less time to participate in extra-curricular events or activities. These are missed opportunities to establish useful connections.


Employability Perth Project

In 2019, StudyPerth’s Employability Project will:

  • deliver comprehensive and integrated systems to augment and complement programs provided by education institutions, to enhance employability attributes of international students and assist them in realising a return on investment from their education
  • consider the student lifecycle from when a student starts to consider studying in Perth to a point after graduation when the student has created enough employment experiences to move towards sustainable employment.
  • address the wide-ranging requirements of a variety of stakeholders including international students, education institutions, governments of all levels, business and industry; as well as meeting the interests of alumni and the community.


Other Employability Initiatives

StudyPerth recently launched its Action Plan 2019 – 2025, in response to the WA State Government’s International Education Strategy: Where Bright Futures Begin.  The Action Plan identified several innovative initiatives that aim to provide students with the skills, experience, networks and confidence to launch their careers while they are living and learning in WA.

  • Employability Perth – an integrated portfolio of employability projects complementing existing services and addressing the specific employability needs of our international students
  • Passport to Perth – a gamified program in a mobile app to engage students in a range of extra-curricular activities to foster friendships and improve communication skills
  • StudyPerth Alumni – a database of illustrious local and overseas alumni who can be mobilised for mentoring, support and marketing opportunities
  • International Student Centre in the CBD – offering a series of activities, services and programs to support students’ social, cultural and professional engagement.


Want to know more about the Employability Project? Email projects@studyperth.com.au or call +61 8 6244 1640.


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