Brand New Accommodation At The Boulevard By The Student Housing Company

23 April 2020

Did you know that Perth offers new, best-of-breed student accommodation in the heart of city? The modern designs in the perfect location make living in Perth a luxurious, comfortable and first-class experience!

Today, we are going to look into one of our two StudyPerth Members that offer dedicated student accommodation - The Student Housing Company.

The Student Housing Company has over six years of experience in student accommodation and what they promise are prime locations, all-inclusive rents, exceptional customer service and great community spaces - amongst many other amazing features.

With their Perth accommodation - The Boulevard on 89 Stirling St – having opened its doors today, The Student Housing Company are making sure that their new building, set up and service are geared towards making every student feel safe, comfortable and looked after.

We recently took a tour of The Boulevard and talked to Tia Metaxas from The Student Housing Company to find out more about exceptional space.

StudyPerth: Tia, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Can you tell us a little bit more about The Boulevard in terms of what students can expect when they come to stay?

Tia: The Boulevard takes student accommodation to the next and highest level. If you are a student wanting to live the dream, look no further. Students can expect to join an inclusive community when they come live with us - a community dedicated to supporting students to thrive beyond their university studies and prepare them for life. With the best city-sweeping views of Perth that you can enjoy from our rooftop, students can expect to live with ease and in five star accommodation!

StudyPerth: What do you think will make The Boulevard be the right place for international students studying in Perth?

Tia: The Boulevard caters for students from all around the world. We have a large amount of room types from shared five bed rooms with and without ensuite, to twin and single studios. So there really is something for everyone. Students can enjoy living in the heart of the city with the best global wellbeing program to support them.

High speed, unlimited Wi-Fi also is included in the rent so students can also stay connected to their families and friends back home.

The Student Housing Company draws from their experience in other global markets allowing us to understand students from around the world.

At your doorstep you have a diverse dining range of many cuisines and a range of great retail options including all of your big brands and retail chains such as H&M, Uniqlo and Zara!

StudyPerth: What are some of the features, service or styles that students love so far about accommodation made and managed by the Student Housing Company?

Tia: The highlight features of The Boulevard include: the rooftop cinema, terrace pool, communal kitchen, in-house laundry, fitness gym and yoga studio, plus heaps of study areas and much more!

The residential team that work on site are all dedicated to make the students experience is the best possible. The Student Housing Company is dedicated to providing accommodation beyond a bed. At the heart of living with us is our aspiration to help our student residents to thrive during their stay and beyond. Through our designed Wellbeing Program we foster support for students across nine pillars: Spiritual, Mental, Cultural, Social, Environmental, Physical, Academic, Financial and Career Wellbeing. This means that wherever you come from and wherever you study, our student experience will be supportive and enhance your university experience.

StudyPerth: Lastly, if students are interested in finding out more about The Boulevard, what should they do?

Tia: I recommend students come in for a tour and meet the team. We have bookings open seven days a week and the team can answer all your questions and show you all the exciting features in person or via skype if you are unable to make it in person.

StudyPerth: Thanks so much Tia for your time.

Find out more about The Boulevard and the Student Housing Company by visiting their website.

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