Ambassador Team Building Staycation

07 September 2021

I ventured to the heart of Northbridge for the two-day Ambassador Team Building Staycation with the newly appointed 2021/2022 International Student Ambassadors. I had no expectations other than to have an opportunity to bond with my new team members. Little did I know that I would have one of the most memorable experiences during my stay in Perth.

Day 1

Team Building

We arrived at our accommodation in Northbridge where we going to spend half our day undertaking team building activities and workshops before checking into our rooms. I was looking forward to working with my fellow Ambassadors. Prior to this day, I had a few networking opportunities with other Ambassadors at StudyPerth events and at the assessment day and I had even worked with a few at the StudyPerth Student Hub, but those interactions were brief and surface level. We all met at the conference room – some drenched from running through the rain – and had our morning coffee and tea before starting off with our team building workshop.

Our team building experience was far from the usual mundane experiences. We were pushed to our limits – mentally and physically – all thanks to the Rapid Teams group. The activities we took part in were six fun and challenging activities that helped develop our problem solving, communication and delegation skills as a team.


We had the opportunity to work as a group and in pairs as the activities were a mix of group and pair activities. Through the four group activities we learnt more about how every individual Ambassador played an essential role in different (challenging) scenarios. The group activities included:

Colour grouping – where we each identified our various personality types according to 4 colours. In summary: blue was for the logical thinkers; green was for the time-keepers; red was for the caregivers; and yellow was for the risk-takers. I was assigned to green.

The mind-boggling puzzle – the first group activity we took part in after identifying our colours. We managed to break the record of completing a complicated puzzle as group! I owe it to the rest of the time because I still can not understand how they figured out the picture so fast.

The portrait challenge – re-drawing a portrait of a man using nothing but one sharpie and multiple strings! In two groups, we had to pull our strings (pun intended) from various angles to make sure that we could draw the most accurate portrait – or at least something resembling it.

The silent Lego building – as its na had to silently build a structure using Lego pieces. The catch? Each individual was given different instructions yet we could not share them with anyone. After a few minutes of confusion and stifled laughs our group eventually figured out what the structure should look like. This was definitely my favourite activity.

The paired activities included one fun VR game and one more educational exercise. For the VR game we took turns in pairs to diffuse a bomb in 2 minutes. It was exhilarating.

My partner, Ratih, did a much better job at diffusing the bomb than me. The final activity was a walk-through activity. We briefly studied popular team strategies by a diverse range of experts. From learning about team synergy by Stephen Covey to the values of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team, we ended our workshop by discussing which strategies we would incorporate during our time as StudyPerth International Student Ambassadors.

While it was a tiring team building morning, we all learnt so much about our group work strategies. every individual’s personality and how we can use our differences to our best advantage.

Social Media Workshop

After a busy morning, we all enjoyed a healthy lunch before we attended the social media workshop. The workshop was an extensive session based on writing successful blog posts, social platforms content and online etiquette. I learnt a great deal from this workshop and felt more confident in my content creation skills.


Due to the poor weather conditions, the next part of staycation got cancelled so we had to make a last-minute decision at Perth Underground. We headed straight to Timezone in Northbridge! What a fun experience! This definitely felt like an extended team-building experience. Each of us had a chance to play various arcade games, have little dancing competitions and sing our hearts out at karaoke (I certainly did). In the end, we left with little prizes that would later serve as memorabilia. 

Dinner And Northbridge At Night

At the end of our long day of team building and workshops we were all in need of a heartwarming dinner. After checking into our separate hotel rooms, we all met at the dining area for a hearty meal. It did not disappoint!

Day 2

Early Morning Breakfast 

On the second day of our staycation I awoke with excitement as I knew what the day was bringing ahead – first breakfast and then photoshoots. Who doesn’t love free food and a chance to pose in front of a camera? After eating to my heart’s content I left with the rest of the StudyPerth Ambassadors, high on excitement and caffeine, for the professional photoshoot in Perth city.

Photoshoots – Hair, Makeup And Dress-Up

We all met at the Esplanade in Perth City to prepare for our long day of photoshoots. We first had to dress in our corporate outfits. Next up, we got our hair and makeup done by professionals so that we were all photo ready. Everyone looked dashing in their corporate outfits and ready for the photoshoot. Our photographer and videographer made us feel relaxed and confident enough in front of the camera.

After spending half the morning doing our individual and group corporate photos we proceeded to change into our casual outfits for our photoshoot.

Student Hub, London Court And Elizabeth Quay

Our first location was none other than the StudyPerth Student Hub in Saint Georges Terrace. It was the most natural yet staged photoshoot I had ever been a part of. My favourite part was playing an intense game of Jenga with Angeli and Ryan. We managed to get far until the Jenga blocks toppled over and we gave the photographer a great shot!

Our next adventure was to London Court. The weather was turning colder but we still had enough energy to walk along the London Court street and up the narrow staircases for some memorable shots. Of course, we heard the iconic clock chime by the hour.

We used up our remaining energy to shoot at one more iconic location in Perth – Elizabeth Quay. The weather was unpredictable, but we persisted. We managed to get some incredible shots in between bouts of rain. We were cold and tired but we still looked our absolute best! 

The End Of Staycation: What We Learnt

By the end of the Ambassador Team Building Staycation, we were tired but closer than before. I could already see the shift in the team dynamics and a deeper sense of unity in the group. By the end of the staycation, we were a team – united by our passion for learning and our determination to proudly represent StudyPerth. Our friendship has grown stronger ever since.

By Kayla Eachells

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