5 Tips To Help You Survive Exam Time

  1. Know How You Learn Best

Think back to past exams and figure out how you learn best. Is it readying, practice tests, writing notes or a combination? Whatever it is go with what works best for you. Ask your friends what they like to do and experiment with different revision techniques to find the right one for you.

  1. Consider Your Surroundings

When you set aside some time to study make sure you have no distractions like TV or your phone. Do you like to have music playing in the background or do you prefer silence? Find a space that gives you what you need, this could be your room, a library a spot of grass. Finally, make sure there is enough light and you are not straining your eyes, natural light is best!

  1. Prepare

Create an exam preparation schedule that is realistic for you to stick to; then make a list of the subjects, chapters or even pages you would like to revise in that time. If you know there are subjects or concepts you find more difficult make sure you set aside more time to revise those.

  1. Look After Yourself

When we say look after yourself we aren’t just talking about having a balanced diet, it is that plus getting enough sleep, making time to exercise and socialise with friends. We know this sounds impossible when you are studying for a tough exam but it is really important to keep your life balanced as it will help your stress levels remain low and help you retain more information you are revising.

  1. Ask For Help

This can be help from your teachers to clarify something from the syllabus or even help from the university counselor to help manage your stress. Don’t be afraid to ask, there are plenty of people who are here to help you.

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