4 Things to Consider If You Are Seeking Work in Perth

When it comes to finding the perfect job in Perth, it’s essential to know how the local job market operates. Big cities vs smaller cities can (and do!) have very different approaches. Read on for my tips for getting your career search started in WA.


Perth is very much about networking and who you know. Consider those that you know or have worked with previously that are either in a position of hiring or can introduce you to the right people. I would usually suggest reaching out to them for a coffee and ask their advice, but it will have to be a virtual due to our current circumstances!


Perth in some ways is a little less formal and less ‘transactional’ that some of our larger Australian cities. We like to think that we are down to Earth and that the human touch goes a long way. Pick up the phone to introduce yourself if there is a role you are really interested in! Building rapport is important wherever you are.


Whilst we are heavily reliant on our resources sector, Perth is not just Mining and Engineering. We are extremely fortunate to have these industries to boost WA’s economy, however the type of work in these industries is quite often project based, which is something you need to consider. There are so many other thriving industries here in Perth that still pay well and can be more stable employment options long term. Think about those recession proof areas like food, health, technology etc.


We aren’t Sydney and we’re not Melbourne and well, we don’t really care! We do things in our own way and not to discount our larger cities (I have lived in a few!), but I can see eyes glaze over when someone from over East comes to Perth bragging about how much bigger and better things are done over there. A breadth of experience across different cities is exceptionally beneficial, but I strongly recommend showcasing your cross-country experience in a way that will benefit a Perth based employer. 

Written by by Kim Padmore, people2people

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