Road Trip: North Western Australia 🚗☀️

By Rupert Birkett – 20 August 2018

Ever wondered what happens outside of Perth? Come and explore the north side Western Australia and see what it has to offer! It’s an all-season road trip with warm weather all year round. ☀️☀️☀️

Pink Lake Hutt Lagoon

Heading north from Perth you can experience the unique Pink Lake. You can travel up to the look-out to take in the serenity of the lake and its amazing natural surroundings or walk along the edge of the lake to experience a different perspective.

Kalbarri National Park

Just a few hours drive up the coast from the Pink Lake is Kalbarri. Kalbarri is full of adventure as you hike through the gorges to experience breath-taking views from remarkable spots, such as the Natural Window and Z-bend.

The park offers amazing experiences such as:

🥾 Hiking

🏊‍♂️ Swimming in Gorges

🧗‍♀️ Abseiling

🚣 Kayaking

🏖️ Snorkeling

Shark Bay

After exploring the gorges, a rest is required and what better place to do this than Shark Bay just a few hours up the coast. Hidden in this isolated, untouched area of Western Australia, is an abundance of wildlife and limitless activities:

🏖️ Beaches

🐬 Dolphins at Monkey Mia

🤽‍♀️ Watersports

♨️ Francois Peron National Park-with a natural hot tub

🐚 Shell Beach

😎 Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool


Perfectly situated between Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast World Heritage areas, the coastal town of Carnarvon is a great place to stop, relax and explore as you continue your travels up Australia’s west coast. Make sure to visit:

🛍️ Weekend Markets

💦 Blowholes and King Waves

🔭 Carnarvon Space and Technology Centre

⛰️ Mt Augusts


Coral Bay

Further up the coast from Carnarvon is Coral Bay and is your first Ningaloo Reef stop. This tiny town is a marine lovers haven as the coral reef is accessible just meters off the silky white sandy beaches that the town is centered around. Indulge in:

🏖️  Beaches

🚵‍♂️ Quad Bike Treks and Swim with Turtles

🛥️ Trip On Glass Bottomed Boat

⛵ Swim with Manta Rays


The most northerly destination and home to one of the most spectacular underwater wonders in the world is Exmouth. As an area surrounded by natural beauty, it’s no surprise that it’s home to the Cape Range National Park, but that’s not the only attraction, visit:

🏖️  Beaches-Turquoise Bay

🦈 Swim with Whale Sharks

🛥️ Boat Tour Down Yardie Creek

Tom Price

Inland and away from the sea Tom price is on the edge of Karijini National Park and is a great place to experience deep gorges and spectacular natural pools. Each gorge offers a unique feature so experience:

⛰️ Gorges-Dales, Knox

🥾 Hiking

🏊‍♂️ Swimming

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