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Science, Technology and Agriculture in Perth

Remote Mining – producing resources for the world

Western Australia’s vast territory is rich in minerals and energy resources. Western Australia is the world's largest iron ore producer, accounting for 37% of global production 2014 and 49% of global iron ore exports. We also have large shares of the world’s production of alumina (14%) and nickel (13%). Over 60% of the world’s mining software is produced in Perth and since 2007 we have hosted over 109 international mining conferences. 


SKA – the largest radio astronomy project in the world

Western Australia has been chosen to be part of the world’s largest radio astronomy project, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). A €1.5 billion project scheduled for implementation in 2016, the SKA will be the most advanced radio telescope in the world, spread between two locations in Western Australia and Southern Africa. As the name suggests, the telescope will cover an enormous area, consisting of thousands of antennas linked together by high bandwidth optical fibre. Already over 70 of the world’s foremost scientists and engineers have come to Perth’s International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) for the project and are currently training one of the largest graduate student communities in Australia.


Super computer – $33 million of processing power 

Western Australia is home to the The Pawsey Centre, one of Australia’s leading supercomputing facilities. Completed in March 2013, the centre houses a $33 million supercomputer which is integral to Western Australia’s contribution to the SKA. The processing power of the centre will be used for groundbreaking research in radio astronomy, the geosciences, nanotechnology and biosciences. It is operated by iVEC, a joint venture between the CSIRO and four public Perth universities.


Hofmann Engineering – world firsts in precision engineering

Western Australia’s Hofmann Engineering are commissioned internationally for specialised industrial projects. Hofmann recently completed the world’s largest steel mill gear, with a diameter of 13.2m and weight of 73.5 tonnes. Designed for a Chinese copper mine, the gear is an example of the world-class precision engineering that is part of Perth’s growing reputation for excellence in the industry.


Renewable energy – harnessing the tide

With rapid growth comes increasing demand for resources, energy being foremost among them. Western Australia has a strong commitment to sustainable industrial practices and many of our leading thinkers have turned the expertise they gained the in the resources sector towards renewable energy solutions for our growing city. Carnegie Energy, Ocean Power Technologies and newcomers Bombora Wavepower are developing technology to harness the reliable wave power in Western Australia’s oceans.

Watch the Huffington Post's video here.


Desalination – marine technology for the future

Western Australia’s potential as a hub of marine technology projects is being realised by Carnegie Energy. Alongside their wave power initiative at the naval base on Garden Island, Carnegie are implementing a desalination plant with new technology that has the potential to reduce the typical power requirements of desalination by 90%.


Scitech – science for the next generation

Perth’s dedicated public science education centre is undergoing significant development and expansion over the coming years. Scitech is preparing to move to a new purpose-built location to align its programs with our Western Australia’s position at the forefront of science and technology.