Economic indicators

Western Australia's current economic indicators (below) are sourced from The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Treasury and the ANZ website and are compiled by StudyPerth.

Population (September'15)
WA 2,598,200 WA has 11% of Australia's total population.
The State has grown by 2.2% since June 2014.
Australia 23,860,133
Unemployment rate (March'16)
WA 5.5% WA's unemployment rate remains lower than the national average.
Australia 5.7%
ANZ job vacancies (April'16)
WA 203 With 11% of the population, WA has 8% of the job vacancies in Australia.
Australia 2,530
Full time, ordinary time earnings (November'15)
WA $ 88,852 WA earnings are up by 1% over the year to November 2014. West Australians earn 11.4% more than the national average. (Figures are in AUD per year)
Australia $ 78,026
Exports (March'16)
WA $ 102.8 billion WA is responsible for 41% of Australia's total export income. (Figures are in AUD per year)
Australia $ 313.31 billion

*Information published by Australian Bureau of Statistics @ May 2016.