Jobs for international students in Perth, Western Australia: your guide to working while you study in Australia.

What sort of work is available?

It would of course be ideal to find a job that specifically relates to your field of study, but this may not always be possible due to visa restrictions, skill qualifications or language requirements. Perth offers a wide variety of jobs and we encourage you to approach employment and study here in the same way – as opportunities that will reward your work with exciting new experiences and valuable skills.

Casual jobs and part-time jobs in Perth

There are casual jobs available throughout Perth in the areas of administration, hospitality, retail, house-keeping/cleaning and aged-care. You can expect to earn between $8-28 per hour, depending on your age, the kind of work you do and the days you work. You can often earn higher wages (called “penalty rates”) if you work outside of ‘regular’ working hours, for example on weekends and public holidays.


You can also tutor younger students in the field you are studying, or in your native language, and earn around $40 an hour.